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T hank you for your continuous support. With your donations, we are able to help thousands of people from Pakistan’s poorest population receive cancer treatment. Your donation means the world to those who don’t have the means for cancer treatment but rely on the support of generous donors like as yourself.

Make It A Lasting Gift: Please join our Recurring Gifts program by simply choosing to give monthly on this donation form. It helps us plan better and ensure projects with the greatest need are consistently receiving the funds required.

NOTE: We are pleased to announce that long awaited automated system of Tax Receipt issuance is functioning now. This system:

  • Enables CERF to send Acknowledgement and the official Tax Receipt automatically as soon as you make your donation.
  • Monthly online donation: with just one checkbox you can convert your donation into automatic monthly donation.
  • Use of credit card is as secure as it can be on PayPal or any website.

PayPal: We would request you please donate through the new system below. However, if you still like to use PayPal and, are okay without the acknowledgement from CERF and to receive Tax Receipt at the end of the year, please click HERE.